Faculty Publications

          Veena Dubal

          Journal Articles

          • The Drive to Precarity: A Political History of Work, Regulation, & Labor Advocacy in San Francisco's Taxi & Uber Economies, 38 Berkeley J. Emp. & Lab. L. 73 (2017). FULLTEXT SSRN
          • Wage Slave or Entrepreneur?: Contesting the Dualism of Legal Worker Identities, 105 Cal. L. Rev. 101 (2017). FULLTEXT SSRN
          • Winning the Battle, Losing the War?: Assessing the Impact of Misclassification Litigation on Workers in the Gig Economy, 2017 Wis. L. Rev. 239 (2017). FULLTEXT SSRN
          • The Demise of Community Policing? The Impact of Post-9/11 Federal Surveillance Programs on Local Law Enforcement, 19 Asian Am. (2010). URL
          • Why Are Some Trade Agreements "Greener" than Others?, 16 Earth Island J. 44 (2002) (with Jung Lah, Ian Monroe, Martha Roberts & Dan Serres). URL
          Newspaper & Magazine Articles

          • Will the Real Obama Please Stand Up?, India Currents, March 8, 2009 (with Sunaina Maira). URL
          • The FBI "Witch-hunt" in Lodi, India Currents, Aug. 2, 2005 (with Sunaina Maira). URL
          Reports, Working Papers & Training Materials

          • Labor Platforms and Gig Work: The Failure to Regulate, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, IRLE Working Paper #106-17 (September 2017) (with Ruth Berins Collier & Christopher Carter). CATALOG URL