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Faculty publications include eight hierarchically arranged types:

  1. Books
  2. Chapters/Articles printed in Books or Encyclopedias
  3. Journal Articles
  4. Book Reviews
  5. Newspaper, Magazine, Online Articles
  6. Reports, Online Training Materials
  7. Notes and Commentary
  8. Unpublished Dissertations and Theses

When a search is performed where more than one publication type is included in the result, the result will be aggregated by the above hierarchy. When a search is performed and the only selected index is Faculty Name, the output is identical to that found on the Faculty Publications page.

Note: by default the application requires at least one limiting index to be selected, otherwise it will return the contents of the entire database.

Basic Boolean Search

The application utilizes the Boolean AND operator; as each of the six indices is selected, the universe of citations returned by the application is narrowed. An example:

select any name from the Faculty Name list – citations by author returned;
add any of the eight Publication Type (e.g., Books) – books by author returned;
add a Subject Term (e.g., Bankruptcy) – books on bankruptcy by author returned;
and so on with each of: Journal, Date and Keyword.

Journal Search & Publication Type Combined

The search by Journal function is limited (when combined with a Publication Type index) to those citations which include a journal. Only Publication Type of Journal Articles, Book Reviews and Student Note/Comment can be combined with a Journal search. For example: to select Publication Type of Books in combination with Search By Journal returns a gentle error message. Other indices are unaffected (i.e., a user can combine any of the others to craft a search).

Keyword Search/Wildcard

The application allows the user to do a text search of titles only (no other field is indexed for this type of search). Text searches are pre–formatted as follows:

  1. The wildcard character is: % (percent symbol).
  2. Text strings are not case sensitive.
  3. Strings are prepended and appended with the wildcard character by default.
  4. Use the % to separate multiple terms.
  5. Spaces are not stripped from search strings.
  6. Markup significant characters are stripped from search strings (e.g., < > &, etc.).

Links To Online Sources

Where indicated by URL formatting, users will find links to online sources for some, but not all, of the citations in the database. Many of these require a valid account to access (e.g., LexisNexis, WestLaw, Hein, etc.). Items held locally by UC Hastings in the library are denoted by HOPAC, or in the case of Books, the title is formatted as a URL.

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Faculty Services Librarian Chuck Marcus compiles the Faculty Publications database. Citation information is updated twice a year.