Faculty Publications

          R. Gregory Cochran

          Journal Articles

          • Canadian Medical Tourism: Expanding Opportunities and Reducing Legal Risks for American Healthcare Providers, 57 Jurimetrics J. 211 (2017) (with Alicia Corbett). FULLTEXT SSRN
          • Stark vs. Speier: A Comparison of Federal and California Physician Self-Referral Laws, 26 Cal. Health L. News 5 (2009) (with Frederick D. Melendres & Anamika D. Ghista). FULLTEXT
          • Is the Shrink's Role Shrinking? The Ambiguity of Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 12.2 Concerning Government Psychiatric Testimony in Negativing Cases, 147 U. Pa. L. Rev. 1403 (1999). FULLTEXT SSRN
          Newspaper & Magazine Articles

          • Electronic Health Records Donations: Proposed CMS and OIG Rules Revise Stark Exception and Anti-Kickback Safe Harbor, BNA Health IT L. & Indus. Rep., Jul. 1, 2013, at 18. URL