Faculty Publications

          Lois Schwartz


          • California Civil Procedure: From Start to Finish (Ctr. for Continuing Educ. 2003) (with Edward L. Blum).
          Journal Articles

          • Grey Matters, 23 Hastings Women's L.J. 213 (2012). FULLTEXT
          • Physicians Seeking Indemnification from Managed Care Organizations: Transforming Equities and Remedies, 7 J.F.K. U. L. Rev. 9 (1996) (with Jeffrey Cambra & Lawrence I. Schwartz). FULLTEXT
          • Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones: Newcomers' Guide to Perilous Terrain in Law School, 15 Vt. L. Rev. 165 (1990) (with Suzanne Homer). FULLTEXT
          • Admitted But Not Accepted: Outsiders Take an Inside Look at Law School, 5 Berkeley Women's L.J. 1 (1989) (with Suzanne Homer). FULLTEXT
          Chapters In Books

          • The Diversified Job Search: Public and Private Sector Counseling in the Nineties, in Annual Report, 1991-1992 at ___ (Nat'l Ass'n for Law Placement 1992).
          Newspaper & Magazine Articles

          • Final Exams: Easy as 1-2-3, The Recorder, May 2, 2003. CATALOG
          • Let's Get Real: Close the Book and Open Your Eyes, The Recorder, Jan. 24, 2003. CATALOG
          • Surviving the Bar Exam: It's Not Over 'til It's Over, The Recorder, Feb. 25, 2003. CATALOG
          • The Three Days That Never Go Away, The Recorder, July 18, 2003. CATALOG
          • Are We There Yet? The Law Student's Tour Guide to the Bar Exam, The Recorder, July 22, 2002. CATALOG
          • Ask Ms. Demeanor, The Recorder, Apr. 9, 2002. CATALOG
          • Final Exams: Shortcuts and Sidebars for Efficient Preparation, The Recorder, Nov. 25, 2002. CATALOG
          • Second Semester Rhythm and Blues, The Recorder, Jan. 9, 2002. CATALOG
          • The Second Time Around, The Recorder, Feb. 13, 2002. CATALOG
          • Top 10 Law School Survival Skills, The Recorder, Aug. 19, 2002. CATALOG
          • A Contrarian's View of the Bar Exam, The Recorder, July 5, 2001. CATALOG
          • An Approach to Constitutional Law Essay Examinations, The Recorder, Apr. 25, 2001. CATALOG
          • From Hogwarts to Law School: Learning to Be a Legal Wizard, The Recorder, Nov. 21, 2001. CATALOG
          • New Views for Interviews, The Recorder, Sept. 24, 2001. CATALOG
          • Practice What You Teach: Law Faculty Member Gets a Summer Job, The Recorder, Aug. 14, 2001. CATALOG
          • Singing the Bar Exam Blues, The Recorder, Aug. 31, 2001. CATALOG
          • Sprinting to the Finish Line: Homestretch Bar Exam Preparation, The Recorder, July 6, 2001. CATALOG
          • Summer Happy, Summer Not: Students Describe Life in Real World Jobs, The Recorder, Aug. 10, 2001. CATALOG
          • Wake Up! It's Time to Go to Work!, The Recorder, June 5, 2001. CATALOG
          • Volunteerism and Timing for Public Interest Advising, NALP Bulletin, Apr.-June, 1993.
          • Public Interest Prospects on the West Coast, NAPIL Connection, Jan., 1992.