Faculty Publications

          Lois A. Weithorn


          • Children in the Legal System: Cases and Materials (Foundation Press 5th ed. 2014) (with Samuel M. Davis, Elizabeth Scott, & Walter Wadington) (with Teachers' Manual). AMAZON
          • Family Law: Cases, Texts, Problems (LexisNexis abridged 5th ed. 2014) (with Ira Mark Ellman, Paul M. Kurtz, Brian H. Bix, Karen Czapanskiy & Maxine Eichner) (with Teachers' Manual).
          • Family Law: Cases, Texts, Problems (LexisNexis 5th ed. 2010) (with Ira Mark Ellman, Paul M. Kurtz, Brian H. Bix, Karen Czapanskiy & Maxine Eichner). AMAZON
          • Psychology and Child Custody Determinations: Knowledge, Roles, and Expertise (Univ. of Nebraska Press 1987) (editor).
          • Community Mental Health Centers and the Courts: An Evaluation of Community–Based Forensic Services (Univ. of Nebraska Press 1985) (with Gary B. Melton & Christopher Slobogin).
          • Children, Mental Health, and the Law (Sage Publications 1984) (with N. Dickon Reppucci et al.).
          Journal Articles

          • Legal Approaches to Promoting Parental Compliance with Childhood Immunization Recommendations, ____ Hum. Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics ____ (forthcoming 2018) (with Dorit Rubinstein Reiss). URL
          • A Constitutional Jurisprudence of Children’s Vulnerability, 69 Hastings L.J. 179 (2017). FULLTEXT
          • Responding to the Childhood Vaccination Crisis: Legal Frameworks and Tools in the Context of Parental Vaccine Refusal, 63 Buff. L. Rev. 881 (2015) (with Dorit Rubinstein Reiss). FULLTEXT SSRN
          • Developmental Neuroscience, Children's Relationships with Primary Caregivers, and Child Protection Policy Reform, 63 Hastings L.J. 1487 (2012). FULLTEXT
          • Lost in Translation: The Unintended Consequences of Advance Directive Law on Clinical Care, 154 Annals Internal Med. 121 (2011) (with Lesley S. Castillo, Brie A. Williams, Sarah M. Hooper, Charles P. Sabatino & Rebecca L. Sudore). URL
          • Can a Subsequent Change in Law Void a Marriage that Was Valid at its Inception? Considering the Legal Effect of Proposition 8 on California's Existing Same-Sex Marriages, 60 Hastings L.J. 1063 (2009). FULLTEXT SSRN
          • Conceptual Hurdles to the Application of Atkins v. Virginia, 59 Hastings L.J. 1203 (2008). FULLTEXT SSRN
          • Envisioning Second-Order Change in America's Responses to Troubled and Troublesome Youth, 33 Hofstra L. Rev. 1305 (2005). FULLTEXT SSRN
          • Protecting Children from Exposure to Domestic Violence: The Use and Abuse of Child Maltreatment Statutes, 53 Hastings L.J. 1 (2001). FULLTEXT SSRN
          • Domestic Violence and Children: Analysis and Recommendations, 9 Future of Child. 4 (Winter 1999) (with Lucy S. Carter & Richard E. Behrman). FULLTEXT
          • Youth Participation in Family and Community Decision Making, 2 Fam. Futures 6 (1998).
          • Children's Capacities To Decide About Participation in Research, 5 IRB: Rev. Hum. Subjects Res. 1 (Mar.–Apr. 1983).
          • Developmental Factors and Competence to Make Informed Treatment Decisions, 5 Child & Youth Services 85 (1982) (reprinted in Legal Reforms Affecting Child & Youth Services 85 (Gary B. Melton ed., Haworth Press 1982)). CATALOG URL
          • The Competency of Children and Adolescents to Make Informed Treatment Decisions, 53 Child Dev. 1589 (1982) (with Susan B. Campbell). FULLTEXT
          • A Comparison of Extreme Groups of Good and Poor Foster Placements, 6 Soc. Welfare 49 (1979) (with S.G. Campbell, R Simon, D Krikston, & K. Connolly).
          • Child Abuse Training: A Community–Based Interdisciplinary Program, 14 Community Mental Health J. 179 (1978) (with Elizabeth Elmer et al.).
          Chapters In Books

          • Medical Care and Procedures, Consent to, in The Child: An Encyclopedic Companion ___ (Richard A. Schweder, ed., University of Chicago Press 2009). AMAZON
          • The Legal Contexts of Forensic Assessment of Children and Families, in Forensic Mental Health Assessment of Children and Adolescents 11 (Steven N. Sparta & Gerald P. Koocher eds., Oxford Univ. Press 2006). CATALOG
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          • Legal and Ethical Issues in Pediatric Psychology, in Handbook of Pediatric Psychology 567 (Donald K. Routh ed., Guilford Press 1988) (with M.A. McCabe).
          • Informed Consent for Prevention Research Involving Children: Legal and Ethical Issues, in Preventing Mental Disorders: A Research Perspective 226 (Jane A. Steinberg & Morton M. Silverman eds., National Institute of Mental Health 1987).
          • Professional Responsibility in the Dissemination of Psychological Research in Legal Contexts, in Reforming the Law: Impact of Child Development Research 253 (Gary B. Melton ed., Guilford Press 1987). CATALOG
          • Psychological Consultation in Divorce Custody Litigation: Ethical Considerations, in Psychology and Child Custody Determinations: Knowledge, Roles and Expertise 183 (Lois A. Weithorn ed., Univ. of Nebraska Press 1987).
          • Psychological Evaluations in Divorce Custody: Problems, Principles, and Procedures Considerations, in Psychology and Child Custody Determinations: Knowledge, Roles and Expertise 157 (Lois A. Weithorn ed., Univ. of Nebraska Press 1987) (with Thomas Grisso).
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          • Drug Therapy—Children's Rights, in Drugs and the Special Child 203 (Michael Jay Cohen ed., Gardner Press 1979).
          Book Reviews

          • Interpreting the Law for the Mental Health Professional, 2 Contemp. Psychiatry 198 (1983) (reviewing Robert L. Sadoff, Legal Issues in the Care of Psychiatric Patients (1982)).
          Student Notes/Comments

          • Note, Mental Hospitalization of Troublesome Youth: An Analysis of Skyrocketing Admission Rates, 40 Stan. L. Rev. 773 (1988). HEIN WL
          Dissertations & Theses

          • Competency to Render Informed Treatment Decisions: A Comparison Of Certain Minors and Adults (1980) (unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, University of Pittsburgh) (on file with author).