Faculty Bibliographies

Jonathan Abel

Journal Articles

  • Cop Tracing, 107 Cornell L. Rev. 927 (2022). SSRN URL
  • Cop-“Like”: The First Amendment, Criminal Procedure, and Police Social Media Speech, 74 Stan. L. Rev. 1199 (1). SSRN URL
  • Batson's Appellate Appeal and Trial Tribulations, 118 Colum. L. Rev. 713 (April 2018). SSRN
  • Cops and Pleas: Police Officers' Influence on Plea Bargaining, 126 Yale L.J. 1730 (2017). SSRN
  • Brady’s Blind Spot: Impeachment Evidence in Police Personnel Files and the Battle Splitting the Prosecution Team, 67 Stan. L. Rev. 743 (April 2015). SSRN
  • Do You Have to Keep the Government’s Secrets? Retroactively Classified Documents, the First Amendment, and the Power to Make Secrets Out of the Public Record, 163 U. Pa. L. Rev. 1037 (2015). SSRN
  • Ineffective Assistance of Library: The Failings and the Future of Prison Law Libraries, 101 Geo. L.J. 1171 (2013). SSRN

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