Faculty Publications

          Jennifer Templeton Dunn


          • Abortion in California: A Medical-Legal Handbook (CreateSpace Independent Publ'g 2012) (with Jennifer Mraz, Erin Cassard Schultz, Eleanor A. Drey & Karen R. Meckstroth). AMAZON
          Journal Articles

          • The Role of Human Rights Litigation in Improving Access to Reproductive Health Care and Achieving Reductions in Maternal Mortality, 17 BMC Pregnancy & Childbirth 367 (Suppl. 2 2017) (with Katherine Lesyna & Anna Zaret). FULLTEXT URL
          • A Survey of Access to Trial of Labor in California Hospitals in 2012, 13 BMC Pregnancy & Childbirth 83 (2013) (with Mary K Barger, Sage Bearman, Megan DeLain & Elena Gates). SSRN URL
          • After the Choice: Challenging California's Physician-Only Abortion Restriction Under the State Constitution, 61 UCLA L. Rev. Disc. 22 (2013) (with Lindsay Parham). SSRN
          • Physician Assistant as Abortion Provider: Lessons from Vermont, New York, and Montana, 49 Hastings L.J. 253 (1997).