Faculty Publications

          Binyamin Blum

          Journal Articles

          • Convicting Bases on Circumstantial Evidence: Psychological Insights Regarding the Appropriate Decision-making Model in Light of the Kriaf Case, 11 Din Udvarim 161 (forthcoming 2018) (with Elisha Harlev).
          • The Admissibility of Confessions Under Israeli Law: Procedural and Substantive Differences Between the “Free and Voluntary” Standard and the Judicial Exclusionary Rule for Unlawfully Obtained Evidence, 46 Mishpatim- The Hebrew U. L.J. 815 (2017) (with Yoram Rabin & Barak Ariel) (in Hebrew). FULLTEXT
          • The Hounds of Empire: Forensic Dog Tracking in Britain and its Colonies, 1888-1953, 35 Law & Hist. Rev. 621 (2017). FULLTEXT
          • ’Exclude Evidence You Exclude Justice’? A Critical Evaluation of Israel’s Exclusionary Rule After Issacharov, 16 Southwestern J. Int’l L. 385 (2010). FULLTEXT
          • Doctrines Without Borders: The New Israeli Exclusionary Rule and the Challenges of Legal Transplantation, 60 Stan. L. Rev. 2131 (2008). FULLTEXT URL
          Chapters In Books

          • Same-Sex Spousal Privilege: From Patriarchy to Heteronormativity, in LGBTQ Rights in Israel ____ (Alon Harel, Yaniv Lushinsky & Liz Montilio eds., Nevo 2016).
          Dissertations & Theses

          • Evidence Rules of Colonial Difference: Identity, Legitimacy and Power in the Law of Mandate Palestine, 1917-1939 (2011) (J.S.D dissertation, Stanford Law School) (https://searchworks.stanford.edu/view/9425034).
          • To Concur, Or Not To Concur, That Is the Question: The Judicial Independence of Judges Appointed Temporarily to the Supreme Court of Israel (2006) (J.S.M thesis, Stanford Law School) (https://searchworks.stanford.edu/view/6591162).