Faculty Publications

          Beatrice A. Moulton


          Journal Articles

          • Looking Back at The Lawyering Process, 10 Clinical L. Rev. 33 (2003). FULLTEXT
          • In Memoriam: Gary Bellow, 114 Harv. L. Rev. 409 (2000) (with Gerald E. Frug & John D. Hamilton, Jr.). FULLTEXT
          Student Notes/Comments

          • Note, The Persecution and Intimidation of the Low–Income Litigant as Performed by the Small Claims Court in California, 21 Stan. L. Rev. 1657 (1969). HEIN WL
          • Comment, Hobson v. Hansen: The De Facto Limits of Judicial Power, 20 Stan. L. Rev. 1249 (1968). HEIN WL