Ming Hsu Chen


Journal Articles

  • Colorblind Nationalism and the Limits of Liberalism, 44 Cardozo L. Rev. 945 (2023). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Teaching Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Citizenship and Immigration, 67 St. Louis U. L.J. 3 (2023). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • The New Normal: Regulatory Dysfunction as Policymaking, 82 Md. L. Rev. 300 (2023) (with Daimeon Shanks). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Pursuing Citizenship During COVID-19, 93 U. Colo. L. Rev. 489 (2022). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • The Political (Mis)representation of Immigrants in Voting, 92 U. Colo. L. Rev. 715 (2021) (with Hunter Knapp). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • The Political (Mis)Representation of Immigrants on the Census, 96 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 901 (2021). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Citizenship Denied: Implications of the Naturalization Backlog for Noncitizens in Military, 97 Denv. U. L. Rev. 669 (2020). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • How Much Procedure is Needed for Agencies to Change Novel Regulatory Policies?, 71 Hastings L.J. 1127 (2020). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Making Litigating Citizenship More Fair, 73 Vand. L. Rev. En Banc 133 (2020). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Silence and the Second Wall, 27 S. Cal. Interdisc. L.J. 549 (2019) (with Zachary New). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Leveraging Social Science Expertise in Immigration Policy, 112 Nw. U. L. Rev. Online 281 (2018). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Sanctuary Networks as Integrative Enforcement, 75 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 1361 (2018). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Administrator-In-Chief: President and Executive Action in Immigration Law, 69 Admin. L. Rev. 347 (2017). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Beyond Legality: Understanding the Legitimacy of Executive Action in Immigration Law, 99 Syracuse L. Rev. 87 (2016). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Trust in Immigration Enforcement: State Noncooperation and Sanctuary Cities After Secure Communities, 91 Chi.–Kent. L. Rev. 13 (2015). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Governing by Guidance: Civil Rights Agencies and the Emergence of Language Rights in Schools and Workplaces, 49 Harv. C.R.–C.L. L. Rev. 201 (2014). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Immigration and Cooperative Federalism: Toward a Doctrinal Framework, 85 U. Colo. L. Rev. 1087 (2014). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Language Rights as a Legacy of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 67 SMU L. Rev. 247 (2014). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Reimagining Democratic Inclusion: Asian Americans and the Voting Rights Act, 3 U.C. Irvine L. Rev. 227 (2013) (with Taeku Lee). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Where You Stand Depends on Where You Sit: Immigrant Incorporation in Federal Workplace Agencies, 33 Berkeley J. Emp. & Lab. L. 227 (2012). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Alienated: Reworking the Racialization Thesis, 18 Am. U. J. Gender Soc. Pol'y & L. 411 (2010). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Explaining Disparities in Asylum Claims, 12 Geo. Pub. Pol. Rev. 29 (2006). FULLTEXT
  • Two Wrongs Make a Right: Hybrid Claims of Discrimination, 79 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 685 (2004). FULLTEXT SSRN
Chapters In Books

  • Regulatory Rights: Civil Rights Agencies, Courts, and the Entrenchment of Language Rights, in The Rights Revolution Revisited 100 (Lynda G. Dodd ed., Cambridge Univ. Press 2018).
Other Publications

  • Colorblind Nationalism, Yale J. on Reg.: Notice & Comment (2020). URL
  • Citizenship Delayed: Civil Rights and Voting Rights Implications of the Citizenship and Naturalization Backlog, Report of Colorado Advisory Committee for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (2019).

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