Faculty Bibliographies

Marsha N. Cohen


Journal Articles

  • Written Informed Consent—Translating into Plain Language. A Pilot Study, 9 Healthcare 232 (2021) (with Agnieszka Zimmermann, Anna Pilarska, Aleksandra Gaworska-Krzeminska, & Jerzy Jankau). URL
  • Teaching While Pregnant: The History of Faculty Maternity at UC Hastings, 30 Harv. Women's L.J. 203 (2019). FULLTEXT
  • Exaggerated Response or Necessary Change?, 6 Update 41 (2005).
  • A Mayor's Dilemma—Can I Ignore a Statute I Think Is Unconstitutional? Another Skirmish in the Gay Marriage Wars, 30 Admin. & Reg. L. News 28 (Fall 2004). WL
  • Can We Talk? About Food and Drug Regulation and the First Amendment, 58 Food & Drug L.J. 741 (2003). FULLTEXT
  • Rx by Email—Bad Medicine for a Chronic Rulemaking Illness, 29 Admin. & Reg. L. News 10 (Fall 2003). WL
  • Breaking the Federal/State Impasse over Medical Marijuana: A Proposal, 11 Hastings Women's L.J. 59 (2000). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Kawaauhau v. Geiger, 12 Health L. News 4 (Sept. 1998). URL
  • Justice Sullivan: The Teacher, 46 Hastings L.J. 3 (1994). FULLTEXT
  • Summaries of Justice Raymond L. Sullivan's Majority Opinions on the Supreme Court of California, 46 Hastings L.J. 295 (1994). FULLTEXT
  • Getting New Drugs to People with AIDS: A Public Policy Response to Lansdale, 18 Hastings Const. L.Q. 471 (1991). FULLTEXT
  • Regulatory Reform: Assessing the California Plan, 1983 Duke L.J. 231 (1983). FULLTEXT
  • Federal Pension Benefits: The Reach of Preemption, 34 Hastings L.J. 293 (1982). FULLTEXT
  • What Drug Information Should the Consumer Have? A Consumer Perspective, 11 Drug Info. J. 34 (Mar. 1977).
  • Stevens v. Parke, Davis & Co., 10 U.S.F. L. Rev. 683 (1976). FULLTEXT
  • Enforcement Under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act—The Park Case in Perspective, 30 Food Drug Cosm. L.J. 676 (1975). FULLTEXT
  • "Uncle Sam", the Product Safety Man: Consumer Product Safety Standards in the Marketplace and in the Courts, 2 Hofstra L. Rev. 619 (1974) (with James A. Brodsky). FULLTEXT
  • Legal/Regulatory Developments Affecting Food—Perspective of the Consumers Union, 29 Food Drug Cosm. L.J. 604 (1974). FULLTEXT
  • The Consumer Class Action: An Endangered Species, 12 San Diego L. Rev. 39 (1974) (with Peter H. Schuck). FULLTEXT
Newspaper & Magazine Articles

  • A License for Safer Drugs: Drugmakers Need an Incentive to Study Safety After Products Hit the Market, Wash. Post, Sept. 2, 2006, at A29.
  • Pharmacists, Conscience and Freedom, The Jurist, Sept. 26, 2005. URL
  • Marijuana Decision Confirms That Even Medical Use is Illegal, L.A. Daily J., Jun. 12, 2001, at 6, col. 3. CATALOG
  • Our Governor Should Do More to Bring Logic and Science to Medi–Pot Mess, L.A. Daily J., Aug. 10, 2000, at 6, col. 3. CATALOG
  • Jibes Could Ruin Stanford for the First Daughter, SF Examiner, Sept. 19, 1997 (reprinted in Houston Chron., sept. 21, 1997, at 5. URL
  • The Antique Labs in SF Schools; More Reasons for San Franciscans to Vote on Tuesday, SF Examiner, June 2, 1997.
  • Yes, Have a Legal Defense Fund—But Pledge to Repay Donors, L.A. Times, July 15, 1994.
Other Publications

  • Patient Drug Information: Does It Benefit the Public?, Proceedings, National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (Apr. 29, 1979).
  • Policy Making and the Administrative Process, Proceedings, 25th Annual Summer Program for California Lawyers, Continuing Education of the Bar (Aug. 14, 1979).
  • Who Owns the Food Label? A Policy Paper, Proceedings, Conference on Nutrition and the American Food System, Part II (June 1-2, 1978).
  • Same Data, Different Results—A Study of the Use of Scientific Information in Legal Decisionmaking (Comm. on Envtl. Decision Making, Comm'n on Natural Res., Nat'l Research Council, Decision Making in the Environmental Protection Agency Working Papers, Vol. II, 1977).

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