Faculty Bibliographies

David Takacs


Journal Articles

  • U.S. State-Based Wilderness Law: An Evaluation, 28 Hastings Envtl. L.J. 25 (2022) (with Miranda Holeton). FULLTEXT
  • Environmental Law, Disrupted by COVID-19, 51 Envtl. L. Rep. News & Analysis 10509 (2021) (with Rebecca M. Bratspies, et al.). SSRN
  • We Are the River, 2021 U. Ill. L. Rev. 545 (2021). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Wilderness Law in the Anthropocene: Purism or Pragmatism, 51 Envtl. L. 38 (2021) (with Phillipa C. McCormack, Benjamin J. Richardson, & Kees Bastmeijer). FULLTEXT
  • An Aye Aye for an Aye Aye: Making Biodiversity Offsets Sustainable, 45 Colum. J. Envtl. L. 519 (2020). FULLTEXT SSRN
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  • Whose Voices Count in Biodiversity Conservation? Ecological Democracy in Biodiversity Offsetting, REDD , and Rewilding, 22 J. Env. Pol'y & Plan. 43 (2019). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Are Koalas Fungible: Biodiversity Offsetting and the Law, 26 N.Y.U. Envtl. L.J. 161 (2018). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Beyond Zero-sum Environmentalism, 47 Envtl. L. Rep. News & Analysis 10328 (2017) (with Shalanda Baker, Robin Kundis Craig, John Dernbach, Keith Hirokawa, Sarah Krakoff, Jessica Owley, Melissa Powers, Shannon Roesler, Jonathan Rosenbloom, J.B. Ruhl, Jim Salzman, & Inara Scott). FULLTEXT
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  • A Response to the IPCC Fifth Assessment, 45 Envtl. L. Rep. News & Analysis 10027 (2015) (The authors collectively engaged in this project as the Environmental Law Collaborative). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Introduction: Changing Law for a Changing Climate, 66 Hastings L.J. 513 (2015). FULLTEXT
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  • Protecting Your Environment, Exacerbating Justice: Avoiding "Mandate Havens", 24 Duke Envtl. L. & Pol'y F. 315 (2014). FULLTEXT
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  • How Does Your Positionality Bias Your Epistemology?, 19 Thought & Action 27 (Summer 2003). FULLTEXT URL
  • Positionality, Epistemology, and Social Justice in the Classroom, 29 Soc. Just. 168 (2002). URL
  • Using History to Inform Political Participation in a California History Course, 2002 Radical Hist. Rev. 138 (Fall 2002) (with Gerald Shenk). FULLTEXT
Chapters In Books

  • Aggressive Solutions to Disrupt Biodiversity Loss, in Environmental Law, Disrupted. 59 (Keith Hirokawa & Jessica Owley eds., Envtl. L. Inst. 2021). AMAZON
  • Environmental Law Disrupted by COVID-19, in Environmental Law, Disrupted. 279 (Keith Hirokawa & Jessica Owley eds., Envtl. L. Inst. 2021) (with Rebecca Batspries et al.). AMAZON
  • Deep Equity, Nonzero-Sum Environmentalism, and a Sustainable Planet, in Beyond Zero-Sum Environmentalism 111 (Sarah Krakoff, Melissa Powers, & Jonathan Rosenbloom eds., Env. L. Inst. 2019). URL
  • Flexible Conservation in Uncertain Times, in Contemporary Issues in Climate Change Law and Policy: Essays Inspired by the IPCC 65 (Robin Kundis Craig and Stephen R. Miller, eds., Env. L. Inst. 2016) (with Jessica Owley). CATALOG URL
  • Water Sector Reform and Principles of International Environmental Law, in Water Law for the Twenty-First Century: National and International Aspects of Water Law Reform in India 260 (Philippe Cullet et al. eds., Routledge 2009). AMAZON URL
  • A Pragmatic, Co-operative Approach To Teaching Environmental Ethics, in Teaching Environmental Ethics 93 (Clare Palmer ed., Brill 2006) (with Daniel F. Shapiro). AMAZON
  • Historical Awareness of Biodiversity, in 3 Encyclopedia of Biodiversity 363 (Simon Levin ed., Academic Press 2001). AMAZON
Book Reviews

  • Book Review, 55 Law & Soc'y Rev. 218 (2021) (reviewing Jennifer Telesca, Red Gold: The Managed Extinction of the Giant Bluefin Tuna (2020)). URL
  • Book Review, 16 L. Env't & Dev. J. (2020) (reviewing Dina L Townsend, Human Dignity and the Adjudication of Environmental Rights (2020)). URL
  • Book Review, 13 L. Env't & Dev. J. 32 (2017) (reviewing Elisa Morgera & Jona Razzaque, eds., Biodiversity and Nature Protection Law (2017)). URL
  • Book Review, 3 L. Env't & Dev. J. 286 (2007) (reviewing Gerd Winter ed., Multilevel Governance of Global Environmental Change: Perspectives from Science, Sociology, and the Law (2006)). URL
Other Publications

  • Forest Carbon: Law and Property Rights, Conservation International (2009). URL

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