Faculty Bibliographies

Dana Beldiman


  • An International Perspective on Design Protection of Visible Spare Parts (Springer 2017) (with Constantin Blanke-Roeser).
  • Innovation, Competition and Collaboration (Edward Elgar Publishing 2015) (editor).
  • Access to Information and Knowledge: 21st Century Challenges in Intellectual Property and Knowledge Governance (Edward Elgar Pub. 2014) (editor) (Elgar Intellectual Property and Global Development Series). AMAZON
  • Functionality, Information Works and Copyright (Yorkhill Law Publishing 2008). AMAZON
Journal Articles

  • From Bits to Atoms: Does the Open Source Software Model Translate to Open Source Hardware, 35 Santa Clara High Tech. L. J. 23 (2018). FULLTEXT
  • Patent Chokepoints in the Influenza-Related Medicines Industry: Can Patent Pools Provide Balanced Access?, 15 Tul. J. Tech. & Intell. Prop. 31 (2012). SSRN
  • Utilitarian Information Works – Is Originality the Proper Lens?, 14 Marq. Intell. Prop. L. Rev. 1 (2010). SSRN
  • Fundamental Rights, Author's Right and Copyright -- Commonalities or Divergences? Book Review: Dr. Christophe Geiger, Droit D'Auteur Et Droit Du Public a L'Information - Approche De Droit Compare, 29 Colum. J.L. & Arts 39 (2005). SSRN
  • Protecting the Form but not the Function: Is U.S. Law Ready for a New Model High Tech?, 20 Santa Clara Computer & High Tech. L.J. 529 (2004). SSRN
  • An Information Society Approach to Privacy Legislation: How to Enhance Privacy While Maximizing Information Value, 2 J. Marshall Rev. Intell. Prop. L. 71 (2002). HEIN SSRN URL
Chapters In Books

  • Navigating Patents in an Open Hardware Environment, in Co-Creation: Reshaping Business and Society in the Era of Bottom-up Economics 177 (Tobias Redlich, Manuel Moritz & Jens P. Wulfsberg eds., Springer 2018). URL
  • Expressive Dimensions of Design: A Question of Incentive? Innovation, Competition and Collaboration 104 (Edward Elgar Publishing 2015). URL
  • Commercialization of Genetic Resources: Leveraging Ex Situ Genetic Resources to Shape Downstream IP Protection Intellectual Property at the Crossroads of Trade 111 (Jan Rosen ed., Edward Elgar Publishing 2012). AMAZON URL
  • Copyright and the Challenges of the Digital Age – Can All Interests Be Reconciled? Legal Issues in the Global Information Society 125 (Dennis Campbell & Chrysta Bán ed., Oceana Publications 2005). CATALOG URL
  • The Role of Copyright Limiting Doctrines in the Digital Age–Can their Vigor be Restored Interessenausgleich im Urheberrecht 187 (Reto M Hilty ed., Nomos 2004).

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