Faculty Bibliographies

Osagie K. Obasogie


Journal Articles

  • Race in the Life Sciences: An Empirical Assessment, 1950 - 2000, 83 Fordham L. Rev. 3089 (2015) (with J. Harris-Wai, K. Darling, C. Keagy, & M. Levesque). FULLTEXT
  • Can the Blind Lead the Blind? Rethinking Equal Protection Jurisprudence Through an Empirical Examination of Blind People's Understanding of Race, 15 U. Pa. J. Const. L. 705 (2013). FULLTEXT
  • Foreword: Critical Race Theory and Empirical Methods, 3 U.C. Irvine L. Rev. 183 (2013). FULLTEXT
  • Moore is Less: Why the Development of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Might Radically Upend Property Law Concerning Human Tissues As We Know It, 16 Stan. Tech. L. Rev. 51 (2012) (with Helen Theung). FULLTEXT
  • The Return of Biological Race? Regulating Race and Genetics Through Administrative Agency Race Impact Assessments, 22 S. Cal. Interdisc. L.J. 1 (2012). FULLTEXT
  • All That Glitters Isn't Gold, 41 Hastings Center Rep. 15 (Sep./Oct. 2011) (with Troy Duster). FULLTEXT
  • Do Blind People See Race? Social, Legal, and Theoretical Considerations, 44 Law & Soc'y Rev. 585 (2010). FULLTEXT
  • Prisoners as Human Subjects: A Closer Look at the Institute of Medicine's Recommendations to Loosen Current Restrictions on Using Prisoners in Scientific Research, 6 Stan. J. C.R. & C.L. 41 (2010) (reprinted in Ira P. Robbins, Prisoners and the Law (Thomson/West 2011). FULLTEXT
  • Beyond Best Practices: Strict Scrutiny as a Regulatory Model for Race-Specific Medicines, 36 J.L. Med. & Ethics 491 (2008). FULLTEXT
  • Race-Specific Drugs: Regulatory Trends and Public Policy, 29 Trends in Pharmacological Sci. 277 (2008) (with David E. Winikoff). FULLTEXT URL
  • Anything But a Hypocrite: Interactional Musings on Race, Colorblindness, and the Redemption of Strom Thurmond, 14 Yale J.L. & Feminism 451 (2006). FULLTEXT
Chapters In Books

  • The Constitution of Identity, in The Handbook of Law and Society 339 (Wiley–Blackwell 2015) (with Austin Sarat & Patricia Ewick, eds.) Wiley Handbooks in Criminology and Criminal Justice. AMAZON
  • Back to the Future? Examining the Institute of Medicine's Recommendations to Loosen Restrictions on Using Prisoners as Human Subjects, in Human Subjects Research Regulation: Perspectives on the Future 93 (I. Glenn Cohen & Holly Fernandez Lynch eds., MIT Press 2014). AMAZON
  • Race, Genetics, and the Regulatory Need for Race Impact Assessments, in Race and the Genetic Revolution, Science, Myth, and Culture 255 (Sheldon Krimsky & Kathleen Sloan eds. 2011). URL
  • Race in Law and Society: A Critique, in Race, Law, and Society 445 (Ian Haney Lopez ed. 2006). URL
Book Reviews

  • The End of Race History? Not yet, New Scientist 49 (Dec. 8, 2012) (reviewing Jonathan Kahn, Race in a Bottle: The Story of BiDil and Racialized Medicine in a Post-Genomic Age (2012) & Dorothy Roberts, Fatal Invention: How Science, Politics, and Big Business Re-create Race in the Twenty-first Century (2012)). URL
  • Life, Monetized, 10 Am. Prospect 70 (Nov. 2011) (reviewing Harriet A. Washington, Deadly Monopolies: The Shocking Corporate Takeover of Life Itself—And the Consequences for Your Health and Our Medical Future (2011)). URL
Newspaper & Magazine Articles

  • High–Tech, High–Risk Forensics, N.Y. Times, July 24, 2013. URL
  • The Eugenics Legacy of the Nobelist Who Fathered IVF, Sci. Am., Oct. 4, 2013. URL
  • Your Body, Their Property, Boston Review, Sept. 30, 2013. URL
  • Black Salt: Should the Government Single Out African-Americans for Low-sodium Diets?, Slate, Apr. 18, 2011. URL
  • Clinical Trials on Trial, New Scientist, Jan. 22, 2011, at 24. URL
  • Human Subjects Research With Prisoners: Putting the Ethical Question in Context (with Keramet Reiter), 25 Bioethics 55, 2010.
  • The Dangers of Growing DNA Databases, L.A. Times, Apr. 25, 2010. URL
  • When Scientists Pick a Fight With the Law, Sci. Progress, Apr. 7, 2010. URL
  • Return of the Race Myth, New Scientist, Jul. 4, 2009, at 22. URL
  • Ten Years Later: Jesse Gelsinger's Death and Human Subjects Protection, Bioethics F., Oct. 22, 2009. URL
  • The Color of Our Genes: Balancing the Promise and Risks of Racial Categories in Human Biotechnology, Sci. Progress, Jun. 15, 2009 (reprinted in GeneWatch, July-Aug. 2009, at 25). URL
  • Back From the Dead: What Dog Cloning Means for Our Human Future, AlterNet, Jun. 16, 2008. URL
  • 'Wal-Martization' of Embryos, Boston Globe, Feb. 1, 2007. URL
  • Food from Cloned Animals—A Bait and Switch? (with Pete Shanks), S.F. Chron., Oct. 5, 2007. CATALOG URL
  • Gene Therapy Risky Business for Patients, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Aug. 17, 2007. URL
  • Hypertension: What Oprah Doesn't Know, L.A. Times, May 17, 2007. URL
  • Medical Exploitation (with Allen M. Hornblum), Philadelphia Inquirer, Sep. 13, 2007. URL
  • Picking Nits or Learning Lessons? Defensiveness on Display in Gene Therapy Death (with Marcy Darnovsky), Bioethics F., Sep. 17, 2007. URL
  • Racial Alchemy, New Scientist, Aug. 18, 2007, at 17. URL
  • The Rebirth of a Nation, Colorlines, Sep./Oct., 2007, at 25. URL
  • Wedge Issue is Back on the Table (with Parita Shah), Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Jan. 17, 2007. URL
  • Of Mice, Men, and Stem Cell Research, S.F. Chron., Feb. 20, 2006. CATALOG URL
  • When is the Racial Pharmacy Bad Medicine? (with David Winickoff), Bioethics F., Jul. 19, 2006. URL
  • Designing Your Own Baby, Boston Globe, Aug. 8, 2005, at A11. URL
  • One Step Forward, Two Steps Back, S.F. Chron., Jul. 5, 2005. CATALOG URL
Other Publications

  • Playing the Gene Card? A Report on Race and Human Biotechnology, Ctr. for Genetics and Society (2009) (excerpted as Race, Genetics, and the Regulatory Need for Race Impact Assessments, in Race and the Genetic Revolution: Science, Myth, and Culture (Sheldon Krimsky & Kathleen Sloan eds., Columbia Univ. Press 2011)). URL

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