Faculty Publications

          Manoj Viswanathan

          Journal Articles

          • From Business Tax Theory to Practice, ___ Clinical L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming 2017) (with Alina S. Ball). SSRN
          • The Hidden Costs of Cliff Effects in the Internal Revenue Code and Proposals for Change, 164 U. Pa. L. Rev. 931 (2016). FULLTEXT SSRN
          • Effective Client Selection in Transactional Clinics, 16 Transactions 2 (2015). FULLTEXT
          • Form 1023-EZ and the Streamlined Process for the Federal Income Tax Exemption: Is the IRS Slashing Red Tape or Opening Pandora's Box, 163 U. Pa. L. Rev. Online 89 (2014). FULLTEXT
          Student Notes/Comments

          • Sunset Provisions in the Tax Code: A Critical Evaluation and Prescriptions for the Future, 82 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 656 (2007). URL