Faculty Publications

          Laurie Zimet


          • Basic Research and Writing for Legal Assistants: A Satellite Program (Practising Law Inst. 1994).
          Journal Articles

          • Inclusive Teaching Methods Across the Curriculum: Academic Resource and Law Teachers Tie a Knot at the AALS, 31 U.S.F. L. Rev. 875 (1997) (with David Dominguez, Fran Ansley, Charles Daye & Rod Fong). HEIN WL
          Chapters In Books

          • Supplement: Tips from the Pros, in Dennis J. Tonsing, 1000 Days To The Bar 175 (William S. Hein 2003) (contributor). CATALOG
          • Legal Research Materials and Legal Writing Materials, in Workshops for Legal Assistants: Basic Litigation, Legal Research, and Writing ___ (Practising Law Inst. 1990 - 1997).
          • Writing and Research, in A Guide for Legal Assistants: Roles, Responsibilities, Specializations 165 (Michele C. Gowen ed., Practising Law Inst. 1991).
          • Liability for Rape, in Women and the Law ___ (Carol H. Lefcourt ed., C. Boardman 1984). CATALOG
          Newspaper & Magazine Articles

          • [From] the Learned Hand, The Law Teacher, Fall, 2004, at 6 (contributor). URL
          • The Academic Success Program at Santa Clara, The SALT Equalizer, Apr., 1994, at 9.
          • Using Paralegals in Pre-Trial Litigation, Legal Econ., Mar., 1988, at 63. HEIN
          • Privacy Rights During Discovery, Cal. Law., June, 1987, at 16. CATALOG