Faculty Bibliographies

Jodi L. Short

Journal Articles

  • The Trouble with Counting: Cutting through the Rhetoric of Red Tape Cutting, 103 Minn. L. Rev. ____ (Forthcoming 2018). SSRN
  • Monitoring Global Supply Chains, 37 Strategic Mgmt. J. 1878 (2016) (with Michael W. Toffel & Andrea Hugill). SSRN
  • Codes in Context: How States, Markets, and Civil Society Shape Adherence to Global Labor Standards, 9 Reg. & Governance 205 (2015) (with Michael W. Toffell & Melissa Ouellet). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Competing Normative Frameworks and the Limits of Deterrence Theory: Comments on Baker and Griffith’s "Ensuring Corporate Misconduct", 38 Law & Soc. Inquiry 493 (2013). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Self-Regulation in the Regulatory Void: “Blue Moon” or “Bad Moon”?, 649 Annals Am. Acad. Pol. & Soc. Sci. 22 (2013). URL
  • The Paranoid Style in Regulatory Reform, 63 Hastings L.J. 633 (2012). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • The Political Turn in American Administrative Law: Power, Rationality, and Reasons, 61 Duke L.J. 1811 (2012). FULLTEXT
  • Coming Clean and Cleaning Up: Does Voluntary Self-Reporting Indicate Effective Self-Policing?, 54 J.L. & Econ. 609 (2011) (with Michael W. Toffel). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Making Self-Regulation More than Merely Symbolic: The Critical Role of the Legal Environment, 55 Admin. Sci. Q. 361 (2010) (with Michael W. Toffel). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Coerced Confessions: Self-Policing in the Shadow of the Regulator, 24 J.L. Econ. & Org. 45 (2008) (with Michael W. Toffel). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Creating Peer Sexual Harassment: Mobilizing Schools to Throw the Book at Themselves, 28 Law & Pol'y 31 (2006). FULLTEXT
  • Killing the Messenger: The Use of Nondisclosure Agreements to Silence Whistleblowers, 60 U. Pitt. L. Rev. 1207 (1999). FULLTEXT
  • Sentencing: Capital Punishment, 82 Geo. L.J. 1199 (1994) (with Mark D. Spoto). FULLTEXT
Chapters In Books

  • Transplanting Law in a Globalized World: Private Transnational Regulation and the Legal Transplant Paradigm, in Comparative Law and Regulation 430 (Francesca Bignami and David Zaring, eds., Edward Elgar 2016). CATALOG
Book Reviews

  • Competing Normative Frameworks and the Limits of Deterrence Theory, 38 Law & Soc. Inquiry 493 (2013) (reviewing Tom Baker & Sean J. Griffith, Ensuring Corporate Misconduct: How Liability Insurance Undermines Shareholder Litigation (2011)). URL
Newspaper & Magazine Articles

  • The Integrity of Private Third-party Compliance Monitoring, Administrative & Regulatory Law News, Fall, 2016, at 22 (with Michael W. Toffel). URL
  • The Causes and Consequences of Industry Self-Policing, Yale Econ. Rev., Summer, 2008, at 33 (with Michael W. Toffel). SSRN URL
  • Personal Essay: Sociologists Behind Bars, Footnotes, May/June, 2004, at 6 (with Elizabeth Drogin). URL
Other Publications

  • Organizational Structures and the Improvement of Working Conditions in Global Supply Chains: Legalization, Participation, and Economic Incentives, Harvard Business School Working Paper, No. 18-003 (July 2017) (with Yanhua Zhou & Michael W. Toffel). URL
  • Beyond Symbolic Responses to Private Politics: Examining Labor Standards Improvement in Global Supply Chains, Harvard Business School Working Paper, No. 17-001 (July 2016) (with Andrea R. Hugill & Michael W. Toffel). URL
  • Monitoring Global Supply Chains, Harvard Business School Working Paper No. 14-032 (June 4, 2015) (with Michael W. Toffel & Andrea R. Hugill). URL
  • Monitoring the Monitors: How Social Factors Influence Supply Chain Auditors, UC Hastings Research Paper No. 84 / Harvard Business School Technology & Operations Mgt. Unit Working Paper No. 14-032 (2014) (with Michael W. Toffel & Andrea Hugill). URL

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