Faculty Publications

          Elizabeth L. Hillman


          Journal Articles

          • Outing the Costs of Civil Deference to the Military, 60 J. Homosexuality 312 (2013) republished as a chapter in Evolution of Government Policy Towards Homosexuality in the U.S. Military: The Rise and Fall of DADT, ( James E. Parco & David A. Levy eds., Routledge 2014). URL
          • Mission Creep in Military Lawyering, 43 Case W. Res. J. Int'l L. 565 (2011). FULLTEXT HEIN WL
          • Heller, Citizenship, and the Right to Serve in the Military, 60 Hastings L.J. 1269 (2009). FULLTEXT HEIN WL
          • Front and Center: Sexual Violence in U.S. Military Law, 37 Pol. & Soc'y 101 (2009).
          • Franklin D. Roosevelt, Commander in Chief, 29 Cardozo L. Rev. 1037 (2008). FULLTEXT HEIN WL
          • Gentlemen Under Fire: The U.S. Military and "Conduct Unbecoming", 26 Law & Ineq. 1 (2008). FULLTEXT HEIN WL
          • "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Panel Four: Service Member Experiences, 14 Duke J. Gender L. & Pol'y 1253 (2007) (panelist). FULLTEXT HEIN WL
          • "Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash": What the Military Thrives on and How It Affects Legal Recruitment and Law Schools, 14 Duke J. Gender L. & Pol'y 1143 (2007) (with Sharra E. Greer, Warrington S. Parker, III, & Diane H. Mazur). FULLTEXT HEIN WL
          • Disloyalty Among "Men in Arms": Korean War POWs at Court-Martial, 82 N.C. L. Rev. 1629 (2004). FULLTEXT HEIN WL
          Chapters In Books

          • Gender and Sexual violence, in Routledge Handbook of Gender, War, and the U.S. Military ____ (Meredith H. Lair and Kara Dixon Vuic, eds., forthcoming 2017).
          • Accountability in the 19th-Century U.S. Army, in Military Self-Interest in Accountability for Core International Crimes 61 (Morten Bergsmo and SONG Tianying eds., Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher 2015). URL
          • The Female Shape of the All-Volunteer Force, in Women's America: Refocusing the Past 689 (Linda K. Kerber et. al. eds., 8th ed., Oxford University Press 2015).
          • Sexual Violence in State Militaries, in Understanding and Proving International Sex Crimes 421 (Morten Bergsmo, Alf Butenschøn Skre & Elisabeth J. Wood eds., Forum for Int'l Criminal and Humanitarian Law 2012). AMAZON URL
          • The Cold War, in A Companion to American Military History 272 (James C. Bradford ed., Blackwell 2010). AMAZON
          • Military Tribunals, in 4 Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History 177 (Stanley N. Katz ed., Oxford Univ. Press 2009). CATALOG
          • Ex Parte Quirin, World War II and the President’s Power and Gender and the Military, in Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States 159 (David Tanenhaus ed., MacMillan 2008). AMAZON
          • Government and Military Witchhunts and Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, in LGBTQ America Today: An Encyclopedia 483 & 1097 (John C. Hawley ed., Greenwood 2008). AMAZON
          • Guarding Women: Abu Ghraib and Military Sexual Culture, in One of the Guys: Women as Aggressors and Torturers 111 (Tara McKelvey ed., Seal Press 2007). AMAZON URL
          • The Female Shape of the All-Volunteer Force, in Iraq and the Lessons of Vietnam, Or, How Not to Learn from the Past 150 (Marilyn B. Young & Lloyd C. Gardner eds., New Press 2007) (reprinted in Women's America: Refocusing the Past (Linda K. Kerber, Jane Sherron De Hart & Cornelia H. Dayton eds., Oxford Univ. Press 7th ed. 2009)). AMAZON
          • Sexual Abuse and Harassment and The Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, in Encyclopedia of War and American Society 781 (Peter Karsten ed., Sage Pub. 2005). AMAZON
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          • Dressed to Kill? The Paradox of Women in Military Uniforms, in Beyond Zero Tolerance: Discrimination in Military Culture 65 (Mary Fainsod Katzenstein & Judith Reppy eds., Rowman & Littlefield 1999). URL
          • African Americans, in Encyclopedia of the War of 1812 4 (David S. & Jeanne T. Heidler eds., ABC–CLIO 1997).
          Book Reviews

          • Book Review, 117 Am. Hist. Rev. 1611 (2012) (reviewing Mark Clodfelter, Beneficial Bombing: The Progressive Foundations of American Air Power, 1917-1945 (2011) & Robert S. Ehlers, Jr., Targeting the Third Reich: Air Intelligence and the Allied Bombing Campaigns (2009)). URL
          • Book Review, 39 J. Interdisc. Hist. 140 (Summer 2008) (reviewing Laura Browder, Her Best Shot: Women and Guns in America (2006)).
          • Book Review, 25 Law & Hist. Rev. 408 (2007) (reviewing Michael Dobbs, Saboteurs (2004), Louis Fisher, Nazi Saboteurs on Trial (2005), & Pierce O'Donnell, In Time of War (2005)). HEIN
          • Book Review, 70 J. Mil. Hist. 882 (2006) (reviewing Margaret A. Weitkamp, Right Stuff, Wrong Sex: America's First Women in Space Program (2004)). CATALOG
          Reports, Working Papers & Training Materials

          • How to End “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”: A Roadmap of Political, Legal, Regulatory, and Organizational Steps to Equal Treatment, The Palm Center, UC Santa Barbara (2009) (with Aaron Belkin, Nathaniel Frank, Gregory M. Herek, Diane H. Mazur & Bridget J. Wilson). URL
          • Report of the Commission on the 50th Anniversary of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (May 2001). URL
          • London Conference on Continuity and Change in Military Justice (Nat'l Inst. of Military Justice, Dec. 1998). URL
          Student Notes/Comments

          • Note, The "Good Soldier" Defense: Character Evidence and Military Rank at Courts–Martial, 108 Yale L.J. 879 (1999) (reprinted in Evolving Military Justice (Eugene R. Fidell & Dwight Hall Sullivan eds., Naval Institute Press 2002)). HEIN WL
          Dissertations & Theses

          • Cold War Crime and American Military Culture: Courts–martial in the United States Armed Forces, 1951–1973 (2001) (unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, Yale University) (on file with Sterling Library, Yale University).