Faculty Publications

          D. Kelly Weisberg


          • Modern Family Law: Cases and Materials (Wolters Kluwer 6th ed. & Teacher's Manual 2016) (with Susan F. Appleton).
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          • Children of the Night: A Study of Adolescent Prostitution (Lexington Books 1985).
          • Women and the Law: The Social–Historical Perspective (Schenkman Pub. Co. 1982) (editor; 2 vols).
          Journal Articles

          • New Federal Regs Target Gender Bias, 21 Domestic Violence Rept. 33 (2016). FULLTEXT
          • Property Damage in the Domestic Violence Context, 22 Domestic Violence Rept. 17 (2016). FULLTEXT
          • Risk Assessment in Context, 21 Domestic Violence Rept. 69 (2016). FULLTEXT
          • Doctors Miss Signs of IPV in Certain Patient Groups, 19 Domestic Violence Rept. 49 (4) (with Elana Jacobs). CATALOG URL
          • Karen Thompson's Role in the Movement for Marriage Equality, 25 Hastings Women's L.J. 3 (2014). FULLTEXT
          • Congressional Gridlock Blocked VAWA, 18 Domestic Violence Rept. 65 (2013). CATALOG URL
          • Lindsay's Legacy: The Tragedy That Triggered Law Reform to Prevent Teen Dating Violence, 24 Hastings Women's L.J. 27 (2013). FULLTEXT HEIN
          • Teen Dating Violence: What Triggered the Law Reform Movement?, 18 Domestic Violence Rept. 35 (2013). CATALOG
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          • The "Discovery" of Sexual Abuse: Experts' Role in Legal Policy Formulation, 18 U.C. Davis L. Rev. 1 (1984). FULLTEXT
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          • Evolution of the Concept of the Rights of the Child in the Western World, 21 Int'l Commission Jurists Rev. 43 (Dec. 1978). FULLTEXT
          • Barred from the Bar: Women and Legal Education in the United States 1870-1890, 28 J. Legal Educ. 485 (1977). FULLTEXT
          • The Cinderella Children, 10 Psychol. Today 84 (1977).
          • “Under Greet Temptations Heer”: Women and Divorce in Puritan Massachusetts, 2 Feminist Studies 183 (1975).
          • Alternative Family Structures and the Law, 24 Fam. Coordinator 549 (1975). FULLTEXT
          • Coupling, Parenting and the Presence of Others: Intimate Relationships in Communal Households, 24 Fam. Coordinator 433 (1975) (with Rosabeth Moss Kanter & Dennis Jaffe). FULLTEXT
          Chapters In Books

          • In Harm's Way: The Evolving Role of Domestic Violence in the Best Interests Analysis Implementing Article 3 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Best Interests, Welfare and Well-being 249 (Elaine E. Sutherland & Lesley-Anne Barnes Macfarlane eds., Cambridge Univ. Press 2016). CATALOG
          • The Adequacy of Specific Performance as a Remedy in Surrogate Parenting Cases, in Equity and Contemporary Legal Developments ___ (Stephen R. Goldstein ed., Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1992).
          Book Reviews

          • Book Review, 47 Am. J. Orthopsychiatry 356 (1977) (reviewing John Rothchild & Susan Berns Wolf, The Children of the Counter–Culture (1976)).
          Reports, Working Papers & Training Materials

          • Domestic Violence Report, Civic Research Institute (Editor 2012 -). CATALOG URL
          Dissertations & Theses

          • Growing Up in the Presence of Others: A Study of Children and the Public Home Territory (June 1976) (unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, Brandeis University) (on file with the Brandeis Main Library).