Faculty Publications

Chimène Keitner


Journal Articles

  • Explaining International Acts, ____ McGill L.J. ____ (Forthcoming 2018). SSRN
  • Categorizing Acts by State Officials: Attribution and Responsibility in the Law of Foreign Official Immunity, 26 Duke J. Comp. & Int'l L. 451 (2016). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Complicity in International Law: Remarks on Complicity Under the Alien Tort Statute, 109 Am. Soc'y Int'l L. Proc. 175 (2015). URL
  • Functional Immunity of State Officials Before the International Law Commission: The “Who” and the “What", 17 QIL, Zoom-out 51 (2015). FULLTEXT SSRN URL
  • Horizontal Enforcement and the ILC’s Proposed Draft Articles on the Immunity of State Officials from Foreign Criminal Jurisdiction, 109 AJIL Unbound 161 (2015). FULLTEXT SSRN URL
  • Prosecute, Sue, or Deport? Transnational Accountability in International Law, 164 U. Pa. L. Rev. Online 1 (2015). FULLTEXT SSRN URL
  • The Three C’s of Jurisdiction Over Human Rights Claims in U.S. Courts, 113 Mich. L. Rev. First Impressions 67 (2015). FULLTEXT SSRN URL
  • International Decisions: Jones v. United Kingdom, 108 Am. J. Int'l L 302 (2014).
  • Germany v. Italy and the Limits of Horizontal Enforcement: Some Reflections from a United States Perspective, 11 J. Int'l Crim. Just. 167 (2013). FULLTEXT URL
  • State Courts and Transitory Torts in Transnational Human Rights Cases, 3 U.C. Irvine L. Rev. 81 (2013). FULLTEXT URL
  • Optimizing Liability for Extraterritorial Torts: A Response to Professor Sykes, 100 Geo. L.J. 2211 (2012). FULLTEXT
  • Panel Proceedings, The Future of Alien Tort Litigation: Kiobel and Beyond, 106 Am. Soc'y Int'l L. Proc. 487 (March 2012). FULLTEXT URL
  • Remarks: Some Functions of Alien Tort Statute Litigation, 43 Geo. J. Int'l L. 1015 (2012). FULLTEXT
  • The Forgotten History of Foreign Official Immunity, 87 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 704 (2012). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Annotated Brief of Professors of Public International Law and Comparative Law as Amici Curiae in Samantar v. Yousuf, 15 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 609 (2011). FULLTEXT URL
  • Foreign Official Immunity After Samantar, 44 Vand. J. Transnat'l L. 837 (2011). FULLTEXT
  • Foreign Official Immunity and the "Baseline" Problem, 80 Fordham L. Rev. 605 (2011). FULLTEXT
  • Framing Constitutional Rights, 40 Sw. L. Rev. 617 (2011). FULLTEXT
  • Rights Beyond Borders, 36 Yale J. Int'l L. 55 (2011). FULLTEXT
  • The Politics of Corporate Alien Tort Cases, 2011 Pepp. L. Rev. Online 23 (2011). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Officially Immune? A Response to Bradley and Goldsmith, 36 Yale J. Int'l L. Online (2010). FULLTEXT SSRN URL
  • The Common Law of Foreign Official Immunity, 14 Green Bag 2d 61 (2010). FULLTEXT SSRN URL
  • Conceptualizing Complicity in Alien Tort Cases, 60 Hastings L.J. 61 (2008). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Associate Statehood: Principles and Prospects, 3 Faroese L. Rev. 13 (2003). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Free Association: The United States Experience, 39 Tex. Int'l L.J. 1 (2003) (with W. Michael Reisman). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • The Challenge of Building an Inter-Communal Rule of Law in Helen Hunt Jackson's Ramona, 15 Law & Lit. 53 (2003) (peer reviewed). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Victim or Vamp? Images of Violent Women in the Criminal Justice System, 11 Colum. J. Gender & L. 38 (2002). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Comment, Crafting the International Criminal Court: Trials and Tribulations in Article 98(2), 6 UCLA J. Int'l L. & Foreign Aff. 215 (2001). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • National Self-Determination in Historical Perspective 1789/1989: The Legacy of the French Revolution for Today's Debates, 2 Int'l Stud. Rev. 3 (Autumn 2000) (peer reviewed). FULLTEXT SSRN
  • Nationalism and War in the French Revolution, 17 ASEN Bull. 12 (Summer 1999) (peer reviewed).
  • The "False Promise" of Civic Nationalism, 28 Millennium: J. Int'l Stud. 341 (1999) (peer reviewed). URL
  • Power and Identity in Nationalist Conflicts, 8 Oxford Int'l Rev. 1 (1997).
  • Mandate for Change: An Analysis of the Elections in France, 17 Harvard Int'l Rev. 54 (1995). URL
Chapters In Books

  • Immunities of Foreign Officials from Civil Jurisdiction, in The Cambridge Handbook of Immunities and International Law, ____ (Tom Ruys, Nicolas Angelet, & Luca Ferro eds., Cambridge Univ. Press, forthcoming 2018). URL
  • Authority and Dialogue: State and Official Immunity in Domestic and International Courts, in Whither The West? Debates on Concepts of International Law in Europe and North America ___ (Chiara Giorgetti & Guglielmo Verdirame, eds., Cambridge Univ. Press, forthcoming 2016). URL
  • From Conquest to Consent: Puerto Rico and the Prospects for Genuine Free Association, in Reconsidering the Insular Cases 77 (Gerald Neuman & Tomiko Brown-Nagin, eds., Harvard Univ. Press 2015). URL
  • Adjudicating Acts of State, in Foreign Affairs Litigation in U.S. Courts 49 (John Norton Moore, ed., Martinus Nijhoff 2013) (Sokol Colloquium, book 6). CATALOG URL
  • Transnational Human Rights Litigation: Jurisdiction and Immunities, in The Oxford Handbook of International Human Rights Law ch33 (Dinah Shelton ed., Oxford Univ. Press forthcoming September 2013). AMAZON URL
  • "Cheap Talk" About Customary International Law, in International Law in the U.S. Supreme Court: Continuity and Change 494 (David L. Sloss, Michael D. Ramsey, & William S. Dodge eds., Cambridge Univ. Press 2011). CATALOG
  • Sabbatino, Sosa, and "Super Norms", in Looking to the Future: Essays on International Law in Honor of W. Michael Reisman 559 (Mahnoush H. Arsanjani et al. eds., Martinus Nijhoff 2010) (with Kenneth C. Randall). URL
  • Re-integrating Academic Approaches, in 4 Harvard Vision: Student Essays On Our Collective Future 105 (Peter Ulric Tse et al. eds., Dipylon Press 1996).
Book Reviews

  • Book Review, 29 Law & Hist. Rev. 904 (2011) (reviewing Turan Kayaoğlu, Legal Imperialism: Sovereignty and Extraterritoriality in Japan, the Ottoman Empire, and China (2010)). HEIN WL
  • Book Review, 26 Law & Hist. Rev. 430 (2008) (reviewing Howard G. Brown, Ending the French Revolution: Violence, Justice, and Repression from the Terror to Napoleon (2006)). HEIN
  • Book Review, 25 Yale J. Int'l L. 237 (2000) (reviewing Brad R. Roth, Governmental Illegitimacy in International Law (1999)). HEIN WL
  • Book Review, 6 Nations & Nationalism 461 (2000) (reviewing Patricia M. E. Lorcin, Imperial Identities: Stereotyping, Prejudice And Race In Colonial Algeria (1999)).
  • Book Review, 25 Yale J. Int'l L. 552 (2000) (reviewing Fernando Téson, A Philosophy Of International Law (1998)). HEIN WL
  • Book Review, 5 Nations & Nationalism 577 (1999) (reviewing Martin Evans, The Memory Of Resistance (1997)).
  • Book Review, 5 Nations & Nationalism 311 (1999) (reviewing Steven Laurence Kaplan, Farewell, Revolution (1995)).
  • Freaks: Part II, 3 Boston Book Rev. ___ (Aug./Sep. 1996) (reviewing Leslie Fiedler, The Tyranny Of The Normal (1996)).
  • Reconcilable Differences, 3 Boston Book Rev. (Oct. 1996) (reviewing Amy Gutmann & Dennis Thompson, Democracy And Disagreement (1996)).
Newspaper & Magazine Articles

  • Germany v. Italy: The International Court of Justice Affirms Principles of State Immunity, ASIL Insights, Feb. 14, 2012. URL
  • The Reargument Order in Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum and Its Implications for Transnational Human Rights Cases, ASIL Insights, Mar. 21, 2012. URL
  • Why Nobody Can Win the Having-It-All Race, The Atlantic, July 17, 2012. URL
  • Introductory Note to Kuwait Airways Corp. v. Iraq, 50 I.L.M. 160, 2011. LX
  • Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum: Another Round in the Fight Over Corporate Liability Under the Alien Tort Statute, ASIL Insights, Sep. 30, 2010. URL
  • Introductory Note to Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum (2d Cir. 2010), 49 I.L.M. 1510, 2010. LX HEIN
  • Panel Proceedings, Extraterritoriality in Comparative Perspective: Bagram and Beyond, 104 Am. Soc'y Int'l L. Proc. 103, 2010. HEIN
  • Comment on Holland Am. Line, Inc. v. Wartsila N. Am., Inc. (9th Cir. 2007), 29 Cal. Civ. Litig. Rep., June, 2007, at 98.
  • Introductory Note to Cornejo v. San Diego (Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals), 46 I.L.M. 1158, 2007 (with Kenneth C. Randall) (reprinted in 24 Am. Soc'y Int'l L. Newsl. 8 (Jan./Mar. 2008)). LX HEIN WL URL
  • Panel: Challenging the Assumption of Equality: The Due Process Rights of Foreign Litigants in U.S. Courts, 5 Santa Clara J. Int'l L. 410, 2007 (with Paul R. Dubinsky, Lee Boyd & Austen Parrish). HEIN WL URL
  • The Seventh Circuit Again Finds Jurisdiction for Private Remedies for Violations of Article 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, ASIL Insight, May, 2007 (with Kenneth C. Randall). URL
  • New Overtime Regulations Require Heightened Vigilance, S.F. Att'y, Spring, 2004, at 31 (with James M. Finberg) (reprinted in ICFAI J. Emp. L. (July 2005)).
  • Seduced By Stereotypes, We Put Strong Women On Trial, PROVIDENCE J.–BULL., June 27, 1996, at 15.
Other Publications

  • Breaking International Promises, UC Hastings Research Paper No. 275 (2018). URL
  • International and Foreign Law Sources: Siren Song for U.S. Judges? (Oct. 2007) Am. Const. Soc'y for L. & Pol'y, (reprinted in 3 Advance: J. ACS Issue Groups 215 (2009)). URL
  • UNESCO and the Issue of Cultural Diversity: Review and Strategy, 1946–2000 (2000) (with Katérina Stenou ed.). URL
Dissertations & Theses

  • Revolutionizing International Society: The Principle and Practice of National Self–determination in the French Revolution and Beyond (2000) (unpublished D.Phil. thesis, University of Oxford) (on file with Bodleian Library, University of Oxford).
  • Re-vamping the Salome Myth: The Femme Fatale and Sexual Power in Rachilde (1996) (unpublished A.B. thesis, Harvard University) (on file with the Harvard Archives).

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