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Ben Depoorter


Journal Articles

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Chapters In Books

  • The Economics of Copyright Exemptions: A Comparative Analysis, in The Cambridge Handbook of Copyright Limitations and Exceptions 3 (S. Balganesh, N. Wee Loon, & H. Sun eds., Cambridge Univ. Press 2021). CATALOG
  • Intellectual Property Enforcement Costs, in Research Handbook on the Economics of Intellectual Property Law 407 (Ben Depoorter & Peter Mennell, eds., Edward Elgar 2019). CATALOG
  • Price Discrimination & Intellectual Property, in Research Handbook on the Economics of Intellectual Property Law 281 (Ben Depoorter & Peter Mennell, eds., Edward Elgar 2019) (with Michael Meurer). CATALOG
  • The Rise, Fall and Rise of Law & Economics in Europe, in Don’t Take It Seriously: Essays in Law and Economics in Honour of Roger Van den Bergh 427 (Michael Faure, Wicher Schreuders & Louis Visscher eds., Intersentia Ltd 2018). URL
  • Judge-made Law and the Common Law Process, in 3 The Oxford Handbook of Law and Economics: Public Law and Legal Institutions 129 (Francesco Parisi ed., Oxford University Press 2017) (with Paul H. Rubin). URL
  • Endowment Effect, in Encyclopedia of Law & Economics 1 (Jürgen G. Backhaus ed., Springer 2014) (with Sven Höppner). URL
  • Fast Forward: Economic & Legal Realism, in Liber Amicorum in Honor of Christian Kirchner 879 (Mohr Siebeck 2014) (with Sven Hoeppner).
  • Tort Standards and Legal Expenditures: A Unified Model Research Handbook On Economic Models Of Law 156 (Thomas J. Miceli & Matthew J. Baker eds, Edward Elgar 2014). AMAZON
  • Of Pirates And Communists: Behind The Anti–Property Movement In Intellectual Property, in Liber Amicorum Boudewijn Bouckaert 27 (J. De Mot ed., die Keure 2012).
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Newspaper & Magazine Articles

  • What Happened to Video Game Piracy?, Communications of the ACM, Vol. 57, Issue 5, 2014, at 33.
Other Publications

  • Price Discrimination & Intellectual Property, UC Hastings Research Paper No. 303 (2018) (with Michael J. Meurer). URL

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